WATCH: Get Inside Look Of Oldest Family-Owned Cigar Factory In Ybor

The Gasparilla celebration brings out some of Tampa’s wildest history. But, other businesses right in the heart of Ybor City continue to flourish after more than a century.

J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s long history dates back to 1895 when Julius Caeser Newman rolled his first cigars in the family barn in Cleveland, Ohio.

The company joined the Tampa cigar manufacturing community in 1954 to be part of the world-class reputation for producing high-quality premium cigars.

The move also brought the operation closer to their primary source of tobacco – Cuba.

Interestingly, since the turn of the century, more hand-rolled Clear Havana cigars (cigars made entirely of Cuban tobacco) have been made in Tampa than in Cuba.

Tampa’s central cigar-making district was founded in 1886.

And now the J.C. Newman Cigar Company is a landmark cigar factory in Ybor City located at 2701 N 16th St.  Enditem